November 9

What a week, eh? I don't know about you, but I'm full to bursting.

Last night after dinner, I read a Slate.com interview with Scout Tufankjian, the photographer behind the image of the Obamas that apparently whipped around the internet with news of the election results. The photograph is beautiful and moving, but it was the interview that really grabbed me. There's an energy to it that I like a lot. You can find the interview here (scroll down and get a load of that final shot! smooch, smooch!) and Tufankjian's portfolio here. I'm so inspired by this woman and her work.

A few months ago, Eli sent me a link to an interactive visualization (or as he calls it, "science porn") of the scale of the universe. It's awesome. I keep clicking back to it every few weeks, zooming in and out as far as the eye can and can't see, quietly thrilling at the knowledge that both the biggest and smallest things are invisible to us. (Did you know that a human egg is about the size of the smallest thing the naked eye can see?)

The reports coming out of the greater New York area about hurricane recovery efforts make it clear that people still need our help and probably will for a while. Those of us who are too far away to offer our physical aid can help with a donation, or by purchasing much-needed items from the Occupy Sandy Wedding Registry at Amazon.com. You can sort by priority to find out what's needed most. Right now, diapers top the list. (Think about that one all you parents and friends of tiny humans out there. Yikes.)

We're having this soup for dinner tonight. And maybe this bread if I can get it into the oven in time.

See you Monday.


racheleats said...

I've seen some of her safari community pictures before - extraordinary. Thank you for link to slate. Bread and soup- yes, always.

Gemma said...

It's definitely bread and soup weather here, I'll be marking both of those recipes to try very soon. And I love the scale of the universe link, it's amazing to think of all those things we can't see and how big and small we human beings are.

shari said...

such a good interview. so glad you linked to it. hope your weekend was swell. xo

EBKRiley said...

Thanks for the mind-bending scale of the universe page. it is amazing! I like soup and bread too.

Jess said...

Rachel - Did you see the ones from the campaign of onlookers with their cameras and cellphones? They're wonderful.

Gemma - How big and small we are, yes. Makes me think of how we're made of stardust, how crazy and terrifying and awesome that is.

shari - Hi there! Glad you liked the interview, friend.

EBKRiley - You're very welcome! Thanks for the note.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to that great photo! I, too, am "full to bursting." Thanks also for your wonderful postings and recipes. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jess said...

My pleasure, Anonymous. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!