We're settling in

The tally, since we last spoke:

One (1) pot of soup
Twenty-one (21) cookies
Twenty-six (26) meatballs
One (1) batch of ice cream
One (1) roll of film
One (1) recipe index, updated and improved
More (and more) of this salad

Also, I flew to Ohio. With Mia. That happened yesterday. The two of us are at my mother's house now outside of Cleveland, where traffic circles abound and, in more exciting news, so do Honey Maid cinnamon grahams and bowls of chicken soup. We're settling in. I'm typing this from under a fringed wooly blanket on a purple chaise opposite the kitchen. Mia is snoozing, and while she is, I'm going to pick an item from that tally up there and drum up some words.  And while I do that, some photos for you. It's another reader request day today, with a post on "fall in Boston" for Mel. Mel, I've taken some liberty here and I'm giving you fall in Cambridge, instead. I hope you won't mind.

These photos are from the archives, from a walk along the river in 2009 about this time of year.


Tasha @ Stale Bread into French Toast said...

Really lovely photos! I wonder how come people who are into/good at food are usually into/good at photography . . . I especially love the one of the little sailboat covered for winter (I assume) but that's probably because I love sailing in little boats like that (when it's warmer!)

Hannah said...

Ohio! One of my ancestral homelands! Well my Dad grew up there anyway. Happy Thanksgiving travels to you and yours! I love the pictures, and would second a commenter on an earlier post who suggested maybe you could talk to us about your photog habits?

(this does not by the way void my earlier request re: MIA :)

molly said...

Welcome to Ohio, you two. I hope the weather's as lovely up North as it is here.

Mel said...

Thanks Jess! Love these photos - particularly the autumn leaves and water. I'm in Australia and know that the seasonal change can produce beautiful colours in your part of the world - thanks for sharing. Love reading your blog.