November 13

September, 2012.

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I have a short film for you today by Starlee Kine and Arthur Jones on writing, the creative process, and working in confined spaces.  See especially from 1:48 on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to mop the ceiling.


momMe said...

What beautiful photographs --- a feast for the eyes and heart ---- thank you for that

Megan Gordon said...

WHAT a riot that video is! As you can tell from my rather immediate response, there's a very real chance I could be procrastinating at this very moment by reading a few of my favorite blogs. xx :)

Jess said...

Thanks, Mom. xo.

Megan - You mean percolating, my dear, percolating. Hugs to you - you're almost there!!

Jacqui said...

I'll have to watch that video when I'm not in my cube, but for now, just want to say that I cannot get over Mia's eyes. There is wisdom there. Srsly.

Žiupsnelisdruskos said...

Jess, I have a proposal to you! Why dont you write about taking pictures. I absolutely love yours, I have no idea how you manage to get them so.. crisp..?
What camera do you use?
What lense?
Any photography tips?

Sara said...

the short film, the photos, but perfect. Still thinking about cycling around a city at night. Perfect too.

Jess said...

Jacqui - Yep. She's something else. xo.

Žiupsnelisdruskos - Huh. Thanks for the idea. Let me think about what I might have to say on that topic. (Meanwhile, you can find basic information about my cameras on my About page.) And thanks for your kind words about my photos.

Sara - Thank you!