Clear Flour

Hello, hello.

Anyone out there on this Thanksgiving eve?

With so much going on in your own kitchens, I thought we'd leave the baking to the pros tonight around here.

This is Abe Faber. He's standing just inside his bakery, Clear Flour Bread, which he owns with his wife, Christy Timon. 

There's a skylight in the middle of their kitchen.  The light and shadows are all over the place in there.

Clear Flour is across the river from where we live, but on Friday mornings, Mia and I go to a playgroup just a few blocks away. When it's time to walk home, I tuck Mia into her stroller for a nap and stop by the bakery for a morning bun with walnuts. I always plan to eat it at home with a cup of tea, and a few times I've made it.  

But it's a three mile walk, and that bun is very good.

Safe travels to all who are between places tonight, and happy landings.  See you tomorrow for a quick hello.


Anne said...

This looks like a wonderful place. The bread looks beautiful.

Jacqui MacKenzie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jess and fam!

talley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jess! What a lovely bakery. Learning how to bake a really really damn good loaf of bread is on my list of things to-do. I blame my delay on the shear terror I have for managing the starter. It seems like such an exact science, but I imagine it's like pie-crust in that once you get in there and do it a few times it's 'as easy as pie'. I wonder, perhaps, if you should start getting 2 buns. You can always say the second is for Mia.

David Starr said...

I wish I was home on Fridays so we could hang out:(

Sally said...

LOVE clear flour. A little pricey, but they are artisans. Try the monkey bread!

Molly said...

I, too, love Clear Flour. And could go for a morning bun right about now. Your pictures turned out so well!