Around town

Hi, all. How was your week? I've been facing down some work deadlines here and I'm really looking forward to slowing down a little this weekend.

These shots are from some places around town. That first one is at Rami's in Brookline, where I like to order a shwarma with the works. Next are a couple of photographs taken at Algiers in Cambridge. They make a nice mujaddara, served over yogurt, which is what you see here. I was reading John McPhee's Coming into the Country that day. I recommend it. I took the last two photographs at Cafe Pamplona in Cambridge. I drank my first coffee - a latte, actually - in three years. It was good. But then I got that gross leather tongue feeling, which is one of the reasons that I generally don't touch the stuff. How do you coffee lovers out there deal with the dreaded leather tongue?

Enjoy the weekend, friends. I'll be back soon with a recipe.


Char said...

love the shots - especially the next to last one.

tictacs help with that feeling.

Maggie said...


Juno California said...

Miss Cambridge.
I always get a little whiff or it through your posts and all the yummy that you bring to them (-:

Lilly Higgins said...

I'm also looking forward to slowing down this weekend. As I scrolled down the page and was looking at your photos I felt totally relaxed. Somehow your post perfectly captured that end of week relieved feeling! I think it's the gorgeous grainy quality of the photos! Have a lovely weekend x

linda said...

enjoy the w/e...i love the b/w photography...reminds me of eras past...like looking @ vintage photos from the 40's...beautiful...:)...oh...baking your olive oil w/citrus fruit tomorrow!! thanks jess.

Darby O'Shea said...

To avoid the dreaded leather tongue: have another cup of coffee. Repeat until you can get to a toothbrush.

Adrienne said...

I'm with Darby - just have another cup! MMmm, coffee.

Megan Gordon said...

Hi Jess-your posts always make me a little "homesick" or "graduate school sick" for Boston. I LOVE Rami's...went there often when I lived in Brookline. The light in these photos is really stunning, too. Have a great weekend winding down...

Rosiecat said...

Yes, yes! Drink coffee, then brush teeth. That's the way to do it :-)

My week was stressful and disappointing, but I made it to the weekend. Hurray! I baked a chocolate cake this morning and that was a very good decision. And hey, this cake has coffee in it. Maybe THAT'S the way you should have your coffee, Jess. If we were a thousand or so miles closer, I'd invite you over for a slice.

Happy, happy Saturday! I hope it's a good one.

Sprout said...

A touch of cream mellows things out for me.

Thanks for sharing this sweet update!

Jess said...

Hi, friends. I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

Thanks, Char. I like that one, too. And breath mints, of course! Though I find they never fully do the trick for me.

Hi, Maggie, and thank you.

Happy to provide you with your Cambridge fix, Juno California. Thank you for your kind note.

Hello, dear Lilly. Thanks for letting me know that these photos hit the right spot. I've been loving the grain lately, too. I'm happy to report that I've slowed down considerably this weekend, and I hope you have, too!

Thanks, Linda, and oooh, enjoy that cake.

You're a genius, Darby O'Shea. (Of course, I already knew that.)

Adrienne - The trouble is, I'm not sure my usually caffeine-deprived body could handle it!

Hi, Megan. So sorry to make your heart squeeze, but very happy to have someone reading who knows firsthand the beauty of this place. About that light: Have you been to Algiers in Harvard Square? They have a gorgeous wood cathedral-like ceiling with skylights that let in lots of beautiful natural light. I really like photographing there.

Hi, Rosiecat. Brush teeth, eh? Brilliant. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a rough week. I hope that the chocolate cake helped, at least a little. I certainly wish that I could take you up on your kind invitation. I'd bring along some coffee ice cream to serve alongside. (Coffee ice cream, for some reason, has always gone down just fine.)

Sprout - Actually, sometimes I like to drink a mug of warm milk with just a tiny pour of coffee. Thank you for your sweet note.

megan said...

Oh! The relaxation - looks amazing...

I've been admiring the light out here - it is so, so beautiful on campus, especially from 5 or so until dark. California will greet you with open arms, anytime!

Do people say 'happy passover'?