a quick hello

Good morning, friends. I just wanted to pop in for a quick hello.

Eli and I are packing up the car this morning and driving to New York to spend the weekend with his family. We've got molasses cookies, cherry almond chocolate chunkies, and a pluot cake in tow, and several hours of old This American Life episodes for the ride. Which is not to say that I didn't also pack the requisite changes of underwear, a toothbrush, and a couple of sweaters, pulled just last night from our winter storage bin.

On our way to Eli's parents' house, we'll stop for a visit with my friend Maya, and her two little girls who, their mother reports, have a delightful muffin gnawing habit that tends to kick in when they're at the local zoo, and talking about owls and skinks.

We're just about out the door, but I thought I would leave you with a couple of photographs for the weekend. They're from our Labor Day trip up to the North Shore. It's hard to believe that it was almost a month ago.

We picked apples.


And ate fried things.


Clearly, I was focused on the onion rings. (Forgive me, but a pun that spans two media, photography and the written word? I was powerless to resist. Take a look at this shot big for the full effect.)

No recipe today, but take heart: A sizeable portion of the two pecks of apples that we picked ended up in a very special apple sauce, which I promise to tell you about next week.

Until then, enjoy the weekend. See you back here soon.


Amanda Mae said...

We are going on a road trip today as well.. and we did the same thing, burned a bunch of "This American Life" episodes - as well as some Radio Lab episodes!

:) have a good trip!!

Linda said...

have a great trip & enjoy the w/e! cannot wait for the applesauce post! yum...

Dolce said...

Ahhh the time of apple picking and fried things that actually taste good after a chilly day...

Jennifer said...

Enjoy a fantastic weekend, Jess! Seems you have lovely travels and baked treats ahead.

Frenchie said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, it seems like you are bringing your perfect treats for the season. I always love reading your posts.

Lauren said...

I'm looking forward to the apple sauce recipe! Enjoy your weekend away.

Adrienne said...

Oooh, I've got plenty of apples from my recent picking trip - I made sauce and butter already, but "a very special apple sauce" sounds like something I might enjoy :)

Also, I wouldn't have avoided that pun myself. It is perfect.

Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, homemade applesauce

I love "this american life" and listen to it often. hope you have a wonderful trip.

maybelle's mom said...

oh, I just picked them with mine and made spicy caramel apples. fantastic.

Jessica said...

Is that from Woodman's or the Clam Box? If it's either case, I am INCREDIBLY jealous. Have you made it to Salem for an October weekend since you've been there? An experience not to be missed-- but I would recommend avoiding Halloween!

-- A former Bostonian, in New Mexico

Kelsey B. said...

have a fun trip here- to new york - there is lots of yummy food to try!

Julie said...

Sounds lovely! Have a fantastic weekend!

Rosiecat said...

Ah, I don't get the pun! Waah! Will someone please explain it to me?

Jess said...

Hi, everyone
It was so nice to come home to all of your lovely notes.

Amanda Mae - I hope that your road trip was great, and that you enjoyed your TAL fix. We certainly did.

Linda - Thanks!

Dolce - I have to admit, as tempting as that tray o' fried looks, it was the cider doughnuts that were my indulgence on that fine day. Oh. Delicious.

Jennifer - Thank you.

Frenchie - It was indeed a wonderful weekend. Thank you.

Lauren - And I'm looking forward to sharing it. Stay tuned.

Adrienne - Ooo, apple butter. I'll definitely have to try my hand at that before this season is over. Thanks for your support re: that groaner of a pun.

Char - I second that "mmmmmm."

Maybelle's mom - Spicy caramel apples? Whoah. that sounds seriously delicious.

Jessica - Wow, you know your fried seafood! I'm impressed. It is, in fact, the Clam Shack (which I assume you meant when you wrote "Clam Box") in Ipswich. No, we haven't yet made it out to Salem, but thanks to your recommendation, it's now on the list. Thank you!

Kelsey B. - Thank you. It was a lot of fun. And thanks to my mother-in-law, we had plenty of food to keep our bellies happy.

Julie - Thanks! I hope you had a good one, too.

Rosiecat - You're adorable. Now, dry those tears: If you look at the enlarged version of the shot, you'll notice that only the onion rings are in focus. So, "clearly" (snicker, snicker) "I was focused" (chortle, grin, snort) "on the onion rings." (guffaw) Get it?