faces to faces

april 26 2009

There is the kind of joy that sends you spinning around the room, whooping and cheering. And then there's another kind, just as warm and wide, that shuts you right up and sits you right down. At once, it takes your breath away, and then returns it, newly steady, slow, and deep.

There are truly no words when your dearest friends bring identical twin girls into the world at 5:30am on a Sunday morning.

Teeny ones, I've got some news for you about your parents: You got the best ones.

Sarit, your favorite cookies are on their way. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you feel like sharing them with Jonathan. As for the itsy-bitsies, we can't wait to welcome them, faces to faces.

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bucatar maniac said...

excelent! a like dis photo :)